Wine rack bra

Try yourself as an experienced barman and organize your kitchen space as in a real night club. The wine rack bra is a perfect solution that will fit any space in each kitchen. The small-size rack is a stylish and functional add-on providing you a space for up to six standard bottles of wine and 12 glasses. The stylish kit will suit any interior and complement every design.

The natural wood is always in trend. The wooden panel is added with chromed corners. The rack provides two ways to assemble the unit. You can fix it on the ceiling considering it is not too high in your apartment and you will easily get the bottles on the top of the rack and fit the glasses. IN other case the rack can be mounted on the wall. The kit provides all the necessary screws to perform all the fitment.

The assembly is easy and simple. The process if step wise described in the provided instructions. However fixing on the ceiling may take some pains. On finishing the fixing of the rack you should prove its sturdiness by pushing from above as it will bear the burden of six full bottles of wine. The rack provides the right position for keeping the wine as the corks of the bottles will remain wet.

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wine rack bra

The single problem you may face when using the unit is the narrow opens for the glass stems. The normal size glasses can be fitted up to three in one glass holder so the rack will hold only nine normal size wine glasses. If consider Champaign glasses each holder fits four items keeping to the stated parameters.

The rack is easy to use. Once you installed it is ready to be operated which is simple. However it can serve as an ordinary rack and keep other bottles or objects on it and the stemmed glasses of everyday usage.

The wine rack can be easily ordered online. To buy the rack you will need to make a few simple steps and in few days you will get your desired purchase. It is well designed and you should not worry about the style of the rack as it is a multifunctional kitchen device which can be applied to all your needs. It is made of grey wood. The best mixture of wood and chrome will fit any environment though being closer to a vintage style! The compact design makes the rack suitable for and fitted in every kitchen or bar area.

The rack is suitable for some bottles that you want to have at hand every day clearing more space in your cabinets. It is a perfect solution for daily usage. The maintenance is simple and painless. Take care to clean it properly and do not mount above the heating surfaces as the wine should be kept cool. According to general rules of keeping the spirits avoid direct sunlight heating the bottles so fix the wine rack far from the window. Choose the place with a free access to the bottles and glasses.

The wine rack bra is a suitable solution for kitchen, bar area or small cafes where some bottles and glasses should be always at hand. The modern look and compact design of the bra will fit any ambiance. Once you buy it you will love your tiny bra with favorite sorts of wine and a perfect kit for glasses being always at hand! This items gets the best reviews of the customers being experts in the field due to its simplicity, style and design, usability, functionality and durability as being made of natural wood and chrome elements resistant to hard environment of the kitchen!

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