Wall wine rack

Everybody knows how it happens to be difficult to find a proper space to manage all the kitchen stuff especially under the condition of space limit. The kitchen furnishing solves the problem of smaller units and the shelves organize all the tins and cans, however the larger issues need more space. The inventive housekeepers try to use every inch of space and the wall wine rack is a perfect solution for a small selection of wines. Of course if you are having a large collection of the glorious drinks you are sure to take care of the storage, however if the gathering counts no more than nine and smaller you will love this wall rack!

It is a perfect solution for an ideal organizing of you space. The bottles in the rack will set one above another. The vertical wine stepwise will provide you an easy access to every bottle keeping them in right position according to the common rules of keeping the wine bottles. The safe metal construction is light enough to securely fit every bottle. The rack is intended to keep up to nine bottles of wine. Each of the nine racks can bear the weight of the 1.5l full bottle. So you can securely place it on the rack without hesitations and fears that it may fall and break! The metal rack is executed in elegant classical style, however it will fit a high tech style too. The main advantage of the rack is that when it is filled with bottles the metal frame will get hidden behind them so you will not notice it at all!

The set is easy to assemble and fix. The rack is delivered with a provided set of screws. The rack will amaze you with its functionality. You can place any bottles on the racks fitting the size. Changing the direction of the bottles you can manage the look of the rack experimenting with shapes and using it as a designer kit! However do not feel disappointed if your collection gradually grows or you try new sorts of wine adding it to your daily treats.

Wall-Mounted Wine Rack, 9-Bottle Capacity, Black by Oenophilia:

wall wine rack

The wall mounted wine rack is amazing when is complemented with another one of the same kind. The rack uses the space on your wall to keep your wine bottles secure and well managed. However you should be careful with the construction as the metal material though hard enough may be bent. Though, the rack will serve properly even in case of bending, it will lose its aesthetic look. However if you are not a sophisticate do not mind it.

The rack is easy to maintain. You should take care of wiping it from time to time. However if you need to clean it be sure you make it dry after cleaning. In other case the kitchen wine wall device does not require any additional means or care! Just enjoy the perfect solution, convenient shelves and usability of the item!

The rack is rather cheap comparatively to other issues of that sort. Mind that except the functionality you can use the rack as a decoration to hide the bare space on the wall requiring something exquisite and elegant.

wall wine rack, other model

Wall wine rack meets all the requirements of modern kitchen interior! It is easy to use as the rack is ready right after the installation, just take care and try its safety by pressing each rack from above. It is functional as the device can be used for any type of bottles despite the shape and size. It will suit ant design of the interior and if you are going to switch to another designer trend, be sure this wine rack will perfectly complement every kitchen wall!

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