Hanging wine rack

Wine can be not only a delicious useful foe health drink, however it may turn to a life style. Wine is an issue to take care of if it is stored at home. Once you buy one bottle and enjoys the nice exquisite taste, then you buy another one of a different kind and get amazingly astonished and delighted with your choice! However, when it goes about two or three bottles you do not worry about the space to store the small collection. But when it gradually complemented with more and more bottles the issue gets sharper. The wine market offers a great variety of devices for wine storage. But the hanging wine rack will help you not only to manage the wine collection. The rack is a perfect solution for any space you want to store the bottles of wine.

The set comes with three spirals and an assembling kit including additional rod for the spaces with high ceilings, a wall bracket for assembling the unit on the wall and a ceiling hook. So the unit performs a variety of ways you can use it. All of three spirals can be used separately as each of then holds up to two bottles of wine. As the laps of the spirals are flexible and manageable you will not face a problem with the size and shape of the bottles in your collection.

The entire construction holds six full bottles of wine and provides a secure support of each one. However it may seem too flimsy to hold a burden of six bottles. Be sure the rack will perform well despite the type of the mounting. The laps of the spirals are set angle wise that is why your wine bottles will be kept according to the common ruled cork down. However the opened bottles can be kept cork up in order to avoid licking!

Climbing Tendril 6-Bottle Wine Rack by Oenophilia:

hanging wine rack

The metal rack of spirals can become an exquisite piece of artwork if you apply your fantasy and experiment with the forms. It will perfectly decorate the empty wall, fill the space or hide some defects of design in your kitchen or cellar wherever you want to place the rack!
The rack is easy and simple to maintain, just keeping it clean will be enough to serve long!

You will find the rack to be the best solution to have some of the favorite wines at hand just when you are cooking or relaxing in the living room. The light construction will complement any interior adding a glamour bit to the entire image.

You will find the rack easy to assemble as everything required is provided in the kit. However using the rack you should be careful as the construction has a single point of fixation it is movable, so be careful and hold the spirals while you are coping with one of the held bottles. However this rack is more a functional decoration than a stable construction for managing several bottles of wine!

However, apart of being a useful and functional item in your household, the rack is a perfect gift. The comparatively low price is an additional advantage together with a fashionable trendy look and simplicity of usage and maintenance the rack for wine bottles is a must have in each household!

Hanging wine rack is a nice artsy solution for any types of space. Whether you have a space limit in the kitchen or need a cute decoration for your bar this rack will ideally suit the place. Being produced of two colors of black and chromium so you have a choice of the nice metal stylish rack for organizing you kitchen mess!

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